"The Gutting of Couffignal" by Dashiell Hammett

Brief Plot Summary 

Our detective, Hammett's OP, is given a job in which he must guard wedding gifts in the Hendrixson home on Couffignal Island. The setting is eerie; nighttime with a storm - heavy wind and rain. Our OP settles down in the room with the gifts; a book for entertainment and his gun at the ready. Suddenly loud noises like gunfire and bombs can be heard, and the power goes out. Mister Hendrixson comes to get the detective and our OP decides to go out into the town to investigate. He's followed by the Princess and seems quite annoyed at her presence, but Ignati eventually finds them to take her away. As the detective moves closer to the main sources of the gunfire, he meets various people from the town who give him clues as to what is going on. It becomes apparent to him that the Island is being attacked for its money and treasure, and this gang of bandits is stopping at nothing as they murder innocent people to get what they desire. The detective is fearless, smart, and even a twisted ankle does not stop him as he seamlessly solves the mystery and helps to end the violence. The ending has quite the twist! As it turns out, the person behind the scheme to steal the wedding gifts is --

You'll just have to read the story to find that out!

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